We will never have enough of good device mounts as long as there are smartphones and more people are making them. Scosche is a trusted brand in mounts and portable chargers as we’ve seen in the past. Both the MagicMount Pro and the reversible Micro-USB charge & sync line proved to be convenient solutions so we don’t have any doubt about the newly launched MagicMount CHARGE.

The MagicMount CHARGE is a special Wireless Charging Magnetic Mount that offers cradle and tangle-free mounting plus charging. The new product lineup was recently showcased at the CES 2017 and they will soon be available in the market in the coming weeks. The MagicMount series has been given special awards because of its efficient products. One of the best is the MagicMount CHARGE that is actually available in two variants– one for the home or office and another one for the car.

What’s good about the MagicMount CHARGE is that it features the Qi wireless charging technology. It comes with a Qi-Certified 15W of charging power so it can work with other Qi-enabled devices from phones to battery cover, receivers, and cases.

The MagicMount CHARGE features a stickGRIP suction base for a more secure suction. It won’t fall off so you can be safe while driving. It allows you to receive calls while on the road and talk hands-free without any distraction. The two MagicMount CHARGE models should be out this first quarter. Still no word on pricing but we’ll let you know soon.