Last month I talked a bit about the special edition Sony Xperia X10 smartphone that included the Essential Taylor Swift experience and was sold exclusively at Best Buy. That album is offered as a free download with that special edition phone and has all sorts of cool features other than just offering the digital tracks to buyers.

The company that provides all those cool features for the album is called ScatterTunes and the company has now announced that it has the first fully integrated music app for Android phones. The ScatterTurnes app allows the buyer of digital albums to get all sorts of extra content with their purchase. The extra content includes the music you expect along with lyrics and more.

The ScatterTunes albums include photos, videos, and digital CD booklets all in the one platform. The app claims to be the first to bundle all of these extra features together for the user. The app is only on the special edition Best Buy Xperia right now but will hit all Android phones soon and will offer V-Albums for multiple artists.


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