If you’ve been waiting for that Saygus V Squared, good news, the phone will receive a free Snapdragon 835 upgrade. Well, that is, if you’re still interested in this device that’s been delayed for almost three years. We don’t know what’s happening here now but we’re just curious how the company will explain the delay for the nth time. Actually, we’re surprised that people are still given hope that the phone is indeed coming.

The Saygus phone running Snapdragon 835 sounds powerful but until when we’ll wait? Now we’re wondering if there’s really a startup called Saygus. The last information we got was the phone V-squared smartphone has been improved but still hasn’t shipped one yet. In January 2016, we reported it would be delayed once again.

We remember featuring the V2 Super Smartphone when it was revealed at the CES 2015. We even shared with you when Saygus started taking pre-orders. Demo videos were shown and we believed that it was coming soon. And here we are now, just learning that the Saygus phone will have the latest Qualcomm Snapdragon processor. This was the same promise over six months ago when the company said the V2 phone will be powered by Snapdragon 820.

Okay, we still believe that the Saygus may have the premium Snapdragon processor but when exactly? Next year or never? We’re still waiting.

VIA: Android Police