Saygus V2

The International CES is one of the biggest tech shows today. It has become a launching pad for hundreds of companies and manufacturers and even startups who hope to bring the next big thing in gadget town. There seems to be a surplus now of smartphones because many brands are unveiling their latest phones and phablets. For one, there’s Saygus introducing the new Saygus V2 handset.

Saygus just rolled out the Saygus V2 (pronounced as V-squared not V-two) at the CES in Las Vegas as a follow up to the Saygus Vphone. It’s not just an ordinary smartphone but rather a super smartphone that features high specs and special functionalities. Wireless HD gaming is a first but the Saygus device already features it, together with movie beaming technology, impressive 3D sound, and 320GB of storage. I guess the last definition makes it a super phone.

Other specs of the Saygus include a 21 megapixel rear camera, 13 megapixel front-facing camera, optical image stabilization (OIS), sunlight viewability, IPX7 capability, a biometric fingerprint side scanner, and a huge 3100 mAh battery. There’s the 5-inch FHD 1080p borderless screen packaged in a Kevlar protective edge with anodized brushed aluminum sides, and a lightweight magnesium mid-frame, and soft-touch back coating. Body is made in fiberglass. You can use the super smartphone anywhere in the world because of the CDMA and GSM wireless technologies.

Saygus V2 is now a 2015 CES Innovation Award Honoree in the Wireless Handset category. Pre-orders will begin later in January and will ship early this year. As usual, no details on pricing but since it’s a super smartphone, it could be very expensive.

SOURCE: Saygus