SanDisk and MetroPCS have announced that they are working together to get the buyers of Android devices on the no contract MetroPCS network a little something extra with their devices. SanDisk is providing microSD cads with 4GB of storage space that are loaded with the full Iron Man 2 flick.

Right now, the only Android device that MetroPCS is offering is the Samsung Galaxy Indulge that operates on the LTE network for fast speed. The cool part is that MetroPCS is buying a quality name brand card not a cheap knock off that might have performance or longevity issues.

The microSD card is also intelligent according to SanDisk and connects to the MetroPCS network in real time to help the carrier know what sort of digital content the user is interested in and allows MetroPCS to provide customized content. The two companies say that the usage information will be anonymous, but many folks won’t like that the microSD card spies on their content use.