Project J has been previously associated with Samsung, however in the past it was looking as if that was a codename for the Galaxy S IV. Then of course, the codename for the Galaxy S IV was revealed as being Altius. From that point talk of Project J went quiet, until now. The talk has returned and it is looking like Project J will be a family of three devices.

It appears as if the details are still being worked out, however talk suggests the family will include the Galaxy S IV, a Galaxy S IV Mini and a third device that has yet to be finalized. The Galaxy S IV Mini is said to be using the codename of Serrano and that one of the big differences between the Mini and regular sized Galaxy S IV will be the lack of wireless charging support. Other details for the handset have yet to be revealed, however it was shown that some of the available accessories would include a clear cover, flip cover and protective cover.

The Galaxy S IV is one we have discussed. In fact, judging from the rumors and speculation surrounding this handset — it seems that it is highly anticipated. The third device in the Project J family is an interesting one. The details are still coming into play and it has been said that this is not finalized at the moment. Simply put, this one may be in talks at Samsung, however it may go away before it even gets an official announcement.

The codename for this third device is Fortius and is appears to be some sort of display device. We cannot necessarily call it a smartwatch, but possibly something along that line. The speculation for the Fortius includes the accessory lineup which is made up of a pouch, arm band and bike mount. With that comes the warning, this is speculation based on an accessory list for Project J which is really just to say that things can and likely will change. Still, we are interested in seeing more on the Fortius.

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