The battle between Samsung and Apple isn’t over. We don’t think it will end soon as Samsung recently asked the court to review decision pertaining to the damages awarded to the Cupertino company. Even if Samsung said it would pay Apple $548 million, we knew that the South Korean giant wouldn’t give up its fight. True enough, it went to the US Supreme Court and asked if the decision could be reviewed once again.

Samsung filed a petition for “writ of certiorari” which meant the lower court would bring the case to a higher court for further review. Samsung requested the United States Supreme Court to review the earlier decision. The court agreed and said that there would be a retrial before the month ends.

It seems like a small victory for Samsung because this means the multi-million dollar payment would have to be postponed. The US Court isn’t siding with Samsung. It’s only looking at the best possible solution for everyone. If you may remember just last February, the US Appeals court overturned an old jury verdict in favor of Samsung as it didn’t infringe the patents by Apple. Samsung could be lucky once again.

We don’t know until when will Samsung and Apple wait for the new court decision but it should be finalized soon.


SOURCE: Supreme Court