As it happens, investor presentations do not get nearly enough security. This means that presentation slides are easy targets for information, and though they don’t usually contain a lot of juicy details, they do have some interesting points from time to time. Samsung’s recent investor presentation slides have leaked, and they give us an idea of what the new ISOCELL camera sensors can do, sensors that might just appear on the upcoming Samsung Galaxy Note 8.

We talked about Samsung recently launching their new ISOCELL line of camera sensors at the Mobile World Congress in Shanghai, and these new sensors are highlighted in the published presentation as a new area of business for Samsung. There are four categories of products here – the Bright, Fast, Slim, and Dual. We’re particularly interested in the last item, since the Galaxy Note 8 has been rumored to sport dual cameras.

According to the slides, the ISOCELL Dual camera sensors will have among its features optical zoom, low light imaging, and depth sensing. Of course, depth information can be digitally stored in any modern Android device with a dual camera setup. How they will execute the depth sensing is what we’re more interested about. Sadly, it is not explained in the slides.

The Samsung Galaxy Note 8 will most likely launch in September, and we can only wait and see what kind of features it will carry. It will most likely feature hardware similar to the Samsung Galaxy S8, but with 6GB RAM as its baseline, the S-Pen, and hopefully the dual camera setup.

VIA: Galaxy Club