If you haven’t been following along, over in Germany the Galaxy Tab 10.1 has been banned thanks to Apple’s team of lawyers claiming it is a direct copy of the iPad and after plenty of litigation it was banned across Europe. Earlier this week we saw details of a Tab 10.1N with a very slight change of design to avoid those lawsuits so Samsung could sell their tablets in Germany. Today we have that new tablet on video in case you’d like to take a look.

Now that the new slate is on sale German site NewGadgets quickly picked one up and fondled it on camera with a nice English speaking review so we can all check it out, and know what is going on. The main differences on the slate are the bezel and metal around the device. Apple claimed the edge to edge glass was what made the iPad special and Samsung completely stole the look. You can see all the differences in the video and the demonstrator neatly walks us through them. Samsung has added a little to the bezel, shows more aluminum instead of all glass on top and even pointed the speakers more forward then sideways. I actually think I might like that as audio will be better. Here’s the video:

The final results of this new tab make it arguably better — and like I said above it probably has better audio quality now the speakers are aimed forward. Samsung took this opportunity to also put their logo front and center on the bottom of the device, and have also included Bluetooth 3.0 capabilities. The differences are subtle but should be enough to dodge any further lawsuits or issues with the fruit company. Apple has not yet commented on the new design but I have a feeling we may hear something soon. Go Samsung!

[via SlashGear]