News regarding the Samsung Galaxy Nexus has appeared in some shape or form on a daily basis well before it was even announced, and today that continues. We first told you back in October about the sign-up page for details on the Galaxy Nexus right at but today it has changed a bit. Instead of just offerings news and updates it now exclusively states Verizon Wireless. Maybe an announcement with availability is coming soon.

The original sign-up page we mentioned and linked to above said, “Sign up to get the latest on the Galaxy Nexus from Samsung” but recently it has a slightly different tune that states Verizon Wireless and is also in bold. It now reads:

Sign up to get the latest on the Galaxy Nexus from Verizon Wireless.”

Is that just a tease? What does that mean? Maybe I’m crazy and its been that way for a few days now but last I checked it didn’t mention anything regarding Verizon on the official Samsung page. We have heard all sorts of rumors regarding the Galaxy Nexus hitting Verizon since it was first announced. The biggest date was November 17th, which happens to be tomorrow. I have a feeling we’ll get plenty of Galaxy Nexus news tomorrow, but whether Verizon announces it or not I haven’t a clue. For anything and everything Nexus feel free to look over our Galaxy Nexus portal. Stay tuned because tomorrow could be the big day for Verizon and the Galaxy Nexus.

Galaxy Nexus Hands-on

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[via Samsung] — Thanks Jeff!