Someone seriously needs to tell Samsung to tone it down on the lets create a device of every single size imaginable idea they’ve been pursuing the past year or so. If you aren’t a fan of the huge 5.3″ Galaxy Note (like some of those haters I wont name) then maybe you’ll like the new Samsung Galaxy Pocket and its 2.8-inch display.

We first heard about this cute little Gingerbread phone earlier in March but it has now cleared the FCC, small screen and all, and will be heading to jean pockets shortly. This phone might not be what you’d remotely call mid-range but it will most likely have an awesome price, if not be completely free for those on a contract.

You get a 2.8″ screen, Android 2.3 Gingerbread, a decent 832 MHz processor (faster than many of those budget phones at 600) along with 3GB of internal storage and a little camera around back. The camera is only 2 megapixels but should be plenty for a new smartphone buyer or for the kids and their Facebook photos. Obviously not everyone wants or needs the biggest, fastest, or best and Samsung is looking to capitalize on that.

FCC reports leads us to believe this will first land on AT&T here in the States but anything is possible. No details on pricing were available either, but I’d imagine it will be cheap.

[via Engadget]