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Samsung Galaxy Core 2 Duos, Pocket 2 leaked toting dual SIM

Samsung has innumerable Android devices in all price ranges that it is almost impossible to distinguish one from the other by name or even...

Samsung details the entry-level Galaxy Pocket Neo and Galaxy Star

Samsung has recently announced two new entry-level smartphones. The handsets include the Galaxy Pocket Neo and the Galaxy Star. So far aside from both...

Samsung Galaxy Pocket Plus image and specs revealed

It looks as if another Samsung smartphone has been revealed. Though, this reveal comes ahead of any official announcement. What we have are details...

Samsung’s 2.8-inch Galaxy Pocket clears the FCC

Someone seriously needs to tell Samsung to tone it down on the lets create a device of every single size imaginable idea they've been...

Samsung reaches into the low end with 2.8-inch Galaxy Pocket

Ever wonder what smooshing Android into something the size of a traditional "feature" phone would look like? Gaze upon the Galaxy Pocket, and wonder...

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