We watched as Samsung unveiled the new flagship last evening. That handset, of course, was the GALAXY S4. While the GALAXY S4 may share a look similar to that of the GALAXY S III, there were plenty of hardware features that are a step above. Granted, that is not to say the GALAXY S III has suddenly become unusable, however we can understand some degree of jealousy.

Anyway, while Samsung cannot bring any of the hardware features, it does appear as if they will be bringing some of the software features to older devices. The details have yet to be finalized, however Samsung’s vice president of portfolio planning has said that “anything that we can do that’s not dependent on hardware like infrared, we’ll definitely bring to all the flagship devices.”

Basically, this means GALAXY S III (and possibly even Galaxy Note II) users should have an update to look forward to. The question as to what will be included in this update remains. Speculation suggests those users may see Smart Scroll and Smart Pause. Possibly even the S Translator and S Health options as well.

Features aside, we are going to say that we are more worried by timing. As we have seen with phone updates in the past, they often depend on the carrier. In other words, while Samsung could potentially have this update ready fairly soon, we are still left waiting on the carrier approvals and carrier rollouts before it will show up on your specific device. Bottom line though, it is nice to see that Samsung does not have any plans to stop supporting the ‘older’ devices just yet.

[via PC Mag]

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  1. The leaked update for S3 was already contain Smart Pause and Smart Scroll , The New Lock Screen With Widgets ,, we already saw that JB for S2 made it so similar to S3 so i guess the same will be done with S3 to S4

  2. The funny thing about all these incremental versions is that consumers truly do want the latest and best. I love my S3, but I gotta admit I’m champing at the bit to get my hands on an S4. Ironically, I am running CyanogenMod on my Galaxy anyway, so it’s not like I am even using Samsung’s features at the moment! It’s just my desire to have the latest and best.

    One thing that the S4 launch has done, however, is to remind me that I liked Touchwiz and I liked the features ‘n everything. I might just flash stock Touchwiz or a more Touchwizzy ROM this weekend, thanks to Samsung’s seizing the spotlight.


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