The Samsung W2016 was released around the same time last year and now it gets a follow-up in the form of the W2017. It’s a perfect choice if you want a new flip phone to show off to your friends. Of course, you’re not just getting the phone for show but you want one because it’s also smart, classy, and luxurious. Design-wise, nothing much has changed but the specs have been improved.

This high-end flip smartphone from Samsung is believed to be the same Veyron we’ve been seeing the past few months. We just know it will be exclusive in China. We’re not surprised that this one has emerged already because Samsung really needs a lot of lovin’ these days.

The Samsung W2017 comes equipped with a 4.2-inch external screen, Full HD Super AMOLED display, Qualcomm Snapdragon 820 chipset, 4GB RAM, 64GB onboard storage, microSD card slot for storage expansion, 12MP rear camera (with 4K recording and f/1.9 aperture), 5MP front-facing camera, and a 2,300mAh battery. Phone boasts of a metal housing plus a fingerprint sensor, Always On Display, and fast wireless charging. The device also supports Samsung Pay so you can do more convenient and faster cashless shopping wherever, whenever.

No information yet how much this one will cost but it’s a premium phone. Expect it to be a bit expensive than most Android phones in its class.

SOURCE: Samsung


  1. I would love to have this phone, I doubt Ill be able to afford it out right. I wish US carriers would carry this phone. LOOKING AT YOU T-MO!!!!


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