Samsung has already announced the Unpacked 5 event. While Samsung hasn’t confirmed the Galaxy S5 would be unveiled during the event, we are expecting to see the handset. Similar to not using the Galaxy S5 name in connection with Unpacked 5, Samsung has unveiled a series of new LED modules with mention of how they will be appearing in future “advanced mobile devices such as smartphones and tablets.”

Naturally, given the timing, speculation suggests this is something destined for the Galaxy S5. More to the point for today, Samsung has said these are a “range of leading-edge LED component solutions.” In this case the new LEDs include a pair of reflector-integrated flash LED packages, a pair of side-view LEDs and a flip-chip flash LED.

Samsung does offer a bit of specifics in terms of all these parts, however the end result is as such — these are expected to improve the camera experience on upcoming Samsung devices. And as we mentioned earlier, that should include both smartphones and tablets. Of course, we are expecting to first see these new components to arrive with the Galaxy S5.

“Samsung is becoming an integrated LED component solutions provider that offers highly differentiated value to customers by producing outstanding LED component solutions which are shaping new directions in mobile devices,” said Bangwon Oh, senior vice president, LED strategic marketing team, Samsung Electronics.

Further details from Samsung include how these will be showcased at Mobile World Congress, and about how they will begin mass producing them in March. These new modules are then expected to begin appearing during the second quarter of the year. For now, rumors suggest the Galaxy S5 will be arriving with a 16 megapixel rear-facing camera.

SOURCE: Samsung Tomorrow