Samsung has already announced the next Unpacked event, which is set to take place in Barcelona on February 24th. There wasn’t much in the way of specifics about what was going to be announced, however given the name of the event was “Unpacked 5” the immediate speculation went to the Galaxy S5. Samsung has yet to say if the Galaxy S5 will be announced, however they have dropped a new teaser.

This one comes courtesy of the official Samsung Tomorrow blog and once again brings mention of the Unpacked 5 event name. The basics such as the date and time were also included, but the key feature for this latest teaser was the grid of nine icons. And interestingly, those nine icons are all set to the power of five.

There wasn’t much from Samsung aside from the image, but they did make a point to make sure everyone saw those 5s. The icons, or as dubbed by Samsung, the symbols, include one for Speed, Outdoor, Curiosity, Fun, Social, Style, Privacy, Fitness and Life. As for the fives, Samsung mentioned how they want to be “sure that you have noticed that there is lots of 5s.”

Otherwise, Samsung addressed the issue of speculation by quoting the 1922 Nobel Prize winning physicist, Niels Bohr. He has known for laying the groundwork for atomic structure and quantum theory. But that aside, the quote was about how “prediction is very difficult, especially if it’s about the future.” With that in mind, we do have to wonder; Will Samsung be announcing the Galaxy S5, or are they simply trying to throw everyone for a loop?

Some time will provide that answer, and in the meantime, we will offer a reminder about how the Android Community team will be on-site in Barcelona.