Samsung has been one of the big tech companies that have purposely created apps and accessories to help those that have more special needs than the rest of the public. Some folks over at their Tunisia office have come up with an app that will assist those who are in the early stages of Alzheimer’s Disease, but are still capable of using and understanding smartphones or tablets. They believe that the app can help with the mental stimulation of the patients in order to slow the progression of the disease.

Samsung Electronics Tunisia (SETN) worked together with 3SG BBDO and they were helped by the Tunisian Alzheimer’s Association to create an app called Backup Memory which can be connected to the mobile devices of the patients’ family and friends, and when they are nearby, it will identify his or her relationship to them, and even photos and videos of them together. An alert will be sent to the user when one of the family members is within a 10-meter radius. Of course, all the information as well as the multi-media content would have to be uploaded onto the app beforehand.

The principle behind the app is that while there is no cure for the disease, patients can keep it at bay through mental stimulation and exercises. The Tunisian Alzheimer’s Association tried out Backup Memory with some of their patients and they have seen “some good results”. Azer Jaafoura, one of the SNET guys who headed up the project say that he and his colleagues will work on improving the app and adding more features and also improving the user interface.

Samsung has been hard at work on various initiatives of this kind. Just recently, they launched an app called DOWELL that would help those with upper limb disabilities, together with their assistive computer devices. Late last year, they also introduced Look At Me, which helps children with autism communicate more through exercises and games. Backup Memory can now be downloaded for free from the Google Play Store. It is available in English and French.

SOURCE: Samsung