Things are definitely heating up for MWC 2015 and this week alone we’re getting a load of information about the upcoming Galaxy S6. Of course, all of these are unofficial, though coming from “reliable sources” or “insiders”, so take them with a grain of salt. But if even half of them came true, it would still make Samsung‘s flagship a very interesting and formidable contender in the smartphone market. Since we’ve pretty much heard all that we can about the hardware, now we’re going to focus on the software and the overall design of the device.

Samsung has reportedly finally learned its lessons when it comes to its software and has been taking drastic measures to change the perception of its bloated user experience. We’ve heard before that some apps might no longer be preloaded on the device, but now an insider claims that *all* of Samsung’s custom apps will be an optional download from the Galaxy Apps store. That almost sounds too good to be true and, in fact, there’s a catch. Samsung might, instead, preload a few of Microsoft‘s own Android apps. Why? Because the two have promised to become buddies now. If previous rumors of a leaner, faster, and more Android-like TouchWiz is also true, then perhaps we wouldn’t mind Samsung replacing S Note with OneNote and ChatON with Skype. At least, not that much.

The Galaxy S flagship series has seen very little substantial change in terms of design, which is good as far as brand recognition goes. With the Galaxy S6, however, Samsung might be pulling in a lot of inspiration from other designs, including its own. It will have metal edges, like the Galaxy Alpha, some say. It’s dimensions will be 143.30 mm x 70.81 mm x 6.91mm, longer, narrower, and thinner than the Galaxy S5. Two things stand out from this latest design leakage. First, there seems to be a belief that the screen will actually only measure 4.9 inches, which, with a QHD resolution, will definitely be mighty impressive. The second is that, with rather curved edges, the Galaxy S6 will probably be criticized for looking like its rival’s design yet again. Experience shows, however, that Samsung doesn’t mind. At least until it’s brought to court.

So when are we going to start seeing the Galaxy S6 in consumer’s hands? We know that it will debut at MWC, but it, of course, won’t go on sale on the same day. We might not have to wait long, however. A leaked internal memo reveals that employees are told not to take leaves on two sets of dates: March 22 to 30 and April 19 to 27. One of those might correspond to the Galaxy S6 launch while the other might be for the Galaxy S Edge. Which is which, however, we still don’t know. Besides, those dates aren’t earmarked yet for a particular market, so it might be some time before it hits the US.


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