It appears as if Samsung will be releasing a few new features in an upcoming update. The features are Smart Scroll and Smart Pause, a few that have been talked about recently. The key here, while these were believed to be coming with the release of the Galaxy S IV — it now looks like they will be available for at least one other Samsung device.

Basically, several screenshots have been leaked to the folks at SamMobile. They had originally believed these screenshots to be from the Galaxy S IV, however they are actually from a Galaxy S III running the Android 4.2.1 update. On that note, the Galaxy S III (and presumably the Galaxy S IV) will indeed have these two ‘smart’ features. We expect to learn a bit more about each on March 14 when we get an official announcement for the Galaxy S IV.

In the meantime though, here is what we can tell you about each. Beginning first with the Smart Scroll, this basically means the display will automatically scroll when it senses that you are looking at the screen. This feature, at least based on what we can see from the screen captures, is one that can be turned on or off depending on your preference. The Smart Pause carries in with the Scroll feature and it will pause the scrolling when you shift your eyes away from the smartphone display.


Otherwise, aside from these two, another feature that we are hoping to learn a bit more about on March 14 is the recently unveiled Samsung Wallet. Samsung announced this in late-February and from what we can see, is basically the Samsung (Android) version of the Apple Passbook app on the iPhone. That being said, the Samsung event is coming up quickly — it will be happening just one week from tomorrow.

[via SamMobile]


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