Samsung‘s upcoming next big thing and flagship device that will be announced in a few weeks time has more than just an HD screen going for it. The folks from Samsung have plenty up their sleeve in the software department to make this the most advanced Galaxy device yet. A new feature is being outed today called ‘Eye Scrolling” and it sounds pretty neat.

Last year when Sammy announced the Galaxy S III the hardware was great, but the software had tons of improvements too. Things like motion controls were enhanced, swiping your palm over the front of the display for screenshots, and even eye tracking to control screen brightness. Well this time around with the Galaxy S4 eye tracking features will be full force.

According to the New York Times a person who’s used the device was particularly enjoying a new feature called “Eye Scroll”. Using a tracking feature the device will actually pick up and track your eyes, then automatically scroll as needed when you reach the end of a page, or bottom of a website. Whoa! We’ve also seen plenty about their new Samsung Orb 360 panorama camera technology, and even the Samsung Wallet app and more.

The NYT’s source, a Samsung employee, even went as far as to say that while they hardware was impressive and important the software features far outweigh the hardware. This doesn’t mean the hardware won’t impress. It just means Samsung’s really banking on their unique set of software enhancements over Android 4.2 Jelly Bean.

So we ask you guys, the users. Do you have any of the Samsung smart or motion features enabled, or do you end up disabling them and just enjoying the phone as usual? This Eye Scroll sure sounds fun and we can’t wait to see it March 14th if indeed they demo this new technology. Stay tuned!