It looks like Samsung has learned a valuable lesson. A recent agreement with the EU gave them breathing room for five years, in which they promised to ease up on the patent litigation. Yesterday, we learned of their important deal with Google, in which some cross-patent work can be done with ease. Now, they’ve signed a similar deal with Ericsson, the former Sony partner, who hold a plethora of mobile patents.

Like the Google deal, terms were not disclosed. Samsung will pay Ericsson a lump sum in an attempt to quell all recent patent litigations. Samsung will also pay Ericsson an ongoing royalty fee for mobile patents held. The monetary terms were not disclosed, but Ericsson notes their Q4 2013 earnings will increase by about $651 million.

The patents in question involve Ericsson’s impressive arsenal of LTE, GSM, and UMTS standards. As a result of the deal, all litigation between the two will abruptly end. A Reuters report points to Ericsson having tried to come to terms with Samsung since 2012, with Samsung taking their familiar stance of refusing to play nice.

That attitude has changed for the best, though. Whether due to the massive Apple settlement, or their trouble with the EU, Samsung has ended their apparent insouciance toward FRAND licensing. Working hand-in-hand with others can only bring more good things to the fold, and the largest Android OEM has as much to offer as gain from such actions of late.

VIA: The Verge