The Epic 4G Touch was released just last Friday and already the lovely people over at XDA Developers have already developed a root method for the device.  While most of you may be unsure of putting your brand new, beautiful Epic 4G Touch’s under the knife, these developers have unlocked the phone to allowing you full access to the device’s potential.

The step-by-step directions as well as the rooted kernel can be found on the XDA Developer’s thread here. Overall, the process is relatively simple, and involves putting the device into download mode, and running Odin3 to flash the rooted kernel to the phone. However, the root is regarded as “experimental” so attempt it at your own risk.  It’s also not mac-compatible at the moment so unless you have a Windows computer running Odin3 and Kies, you’ll have to wait for a ported release.

An instructional video demonstrating the root method is below.

Though there is a risk to rooting your device, rooting will allow you to load your own custom ROMs as they become available in the future. For the average consumer however, rooting your device may also potentially void your warranty or prevent you from receiving official support down the line. If you’re considering purchasing your own Epic 4G Touch to root, be sure to check out our review of device here.

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