Hot on the heels of Samsung’s I7500 Android phone comes this pair, the Samsung Spica, on the left, and the Samsung Bigfoot, on the right.  Both running Google’s Android platform, only the next-gen version currently known as Android OS 2.0 “Donut”, they’re expected to drop in Q3 2009.

The Spica is a mass market handset with triband HSDPA (900/1900/2100) and a 3-megapixel autofocus camera, and will slot in beneath the Samsung I7500.  Onboard storage is 100MB, plus a microSD card, and there’s WiFi, Bluetooth 2.0 and GPS, plus an accelerometer and digital compass.  The Spica’s touchscreen display is a 3-inch WQVGA LCD, and the whole thing measures 111.5 x 52.6 x 12.9 mm.

As for the Samsung Bigfoot, that has the same specifications as the Spica but throws in HSDPA (900/1700/2100) for T-Mobile USA 3G network compatibility.  It also gains some girth – 16.3mm thick, in fact – thanks to the slide-out QWERTY keyboard.  While it’s too early to say, it does rather resemble the tiny render of the T-Mobile G1 v2 spotted in the carrier’s leaked roadmap.

Samsung are apparently giving the Spica a new version of their TouchWiz GUI, rather than leaving the handset as a standard Android handset.  There’s also word that Android OS 2.0 “Donut” will support WVGA displays and have a number of new features that existing Android devices won’t support (or even have an upgrade option for), the speculation being that handset manufacturers have been waiting for this new version for their first Android foray.

[via Unwired View]