Right before our near future of shopping madness, you can bet we’ll be seeing some great new commercials. Samsung just dropped one showing off how waiting for the “right” phone to get here just doesn’t make sense when the Galaxy S II is already here. It’s quite comical, but even more amusing is the fact that this could very well happen.

This clip shows some Apple fans waiting in line to purchase what seems to be the iPhone 4S. But as they wait, they notice something. One guy in line says, “Whoa, whats she got there”, of course referring to the Samsung Galaxy S II. Galaxy S II owners then show off the device’s bigger more vibrant screen, 4G capabilities, and simply its overall amazingness. Yeah, this is certainly a bias commercial, but then again all commercials are.

It makes me wonder if we could compare this to the Samsung Galaxy Nexus. We are all waiting for this amazing device to finally become available, but are we really just waiting on Android 4.0 (Ice Cream Sandwich)? Once the current Galaxy S II smartphones are finally updated to ICS, could they still triumph over the Galaxy Nexus? Benchmarks of the Galaxy Nexus show that it just barely beats the GSII; only when they both sport ICS will we finally realize the next big thing was just Android 4.0.

There will surely be more commercials like this as we near the Christmas holiday shopping season. Hopefully they are all this clever.

[via Phandroid]