Those drop tests and disassembly videos will really break any geek’s hearts but if done by Samsung professionals, then maybe it won’t be as painful to watch. Samsung Mobile has recently published two unboxing videos of the latest Galaxy Note 5 and Galaxy S6 edge+. They’re not heart-stopping because before the unboxing, there’s even a demonstration of the devices being built, assembled, and then boxed.

Watch the inboxing—where we see the parts from the fingerprint scanner to the display, front camera, rear camera, AP RAM memory, wireless charging tool, and metal frame—and then being covered by the curved glass black cove. The new S Pen is then inserted into the slot before being placed inside a white box.

And then there’s the unboxing part where the recipient marvels at the beauty that is the Galaxy Note 5.

As for the Galaxy S6 edge+, it’s basically the same inboxing and unboxing video. Someone is doing the phone assembly and then placing it inside the box and then a new owner doing the unboxing.

Cool videos? I didn’t get any new information but the music used were cool. Reminds me very much of the 80’s and umm, Taylor Swift?

SOURCE: Samsung Mobile