Samsung Galaxy Note 5 128GB model

We learned last week that the Samsung Galaxy Note 5 won’t be coming to Europe. That may change anytime soon but that 128GB variant we mentioned the same day may not happen. Samsung already said there won’t be one despite the fact that a 128GB model was seen at preorder sites.

A 128GB variant would be nice since the new Note 5 phone-tablet doesn’t have a microSD card slot, again, much to the chagrin of Android fans. Unfortunately, there was no 128GB Note 5 at launch and there won’t be one at all–ever. So what’s that being referenced on a pre-sales site? It could just be an honest mistake. There will only be two variants available: 32GB and 64GB. The Galaxy S6 edge+ will also have the same amount of internal storage options.

We’re still not sure why Samsung decided not to add microSD card slots this year. Storage expansion is important to premium phones especially now that sizes of apps are larger than ever. There won’t be any 16GB model because that’s too small now for a flagship from Samsung, what will all the high specs and special features. This is the first time that a Galaxy Note device doesn’t offer a microSD card slot for memory expansion which a lot of people think is very unfortunate.

Lesser storage on a big device may seem to be a problem. We’re not sure if Samsung is hearing the “cries” and would give in to the demands to bring back the microSD card slots. If not, maybe just add a bigger storage option. I guess we’ll have to wait and see if Samsung changes its decision on the issue.

VIA: SlashGear