Rumors are swirling that Samsung will finally unveil its supposed Virtual Reality headset during their product event this coming September. Codenamed “Project Moonlight”, this is supposedly their version of Google’s own Cardboard and has the capability of turning any smartphone into a virtual world when you immerse yourself while wearing the headset.

Based on leaked production version pictures, the goggles-like headset appears to have a focus dial. It’s not clear however if Oculus, who was rumoured to be involved in the project, is still involved in the production of Samsung’s VR. The tech company has been using a Note 3 display for some of their newer headsets, so it will not come as a surprise if they have collaborated with the OEM in making Project Moonlight.

The photo also indicates that there is a micro USB connector, probably to the smartphone. There seems to be a lid that will hold the phone in place when it’s connected to the VR headset. The one shown in the leaked photo beside the goggles is a Galaxy S5, but if Project Moonlight will indeed be launched during the Samsung’s event in September, then it stands that the Note 4, also rumoured to be announced during the same event, will probably be compatible with the headset.

The Samsung press conference is set on September 3, just two days before the start of IFA 2014 at Berlin. Based on their invitation, it will definitely be about the new Galaxy Note. For those who won’t be able to fly to Germany, there will be a live video feed via YouTube at 15:00 (3 p.m.) CEST, which is around 8:00 a.m. EST.

VIA: The Vervge