As smartphones contain more and more personal information these days, security is a topic that will likely be attracting more attention moving forward. There are a few items at the present time including face unlock, patterns and PIN numbers, however we suspect more than a few go without anything. With that in mind, it is now looking like Samsung is working on a security option relating to fingerprints.

The details are strictly rumor at this point. And for that matter, they are probably what should be described as early rumors mixed with a bit of speculation and hope. Now that we have the warning out of the way, this rumor comes by way of the folks at SamMobile who recently spent some time tearing apart the leaked Android 4.2.2 firmware for the Galaxy S III.

The firmware leaked yesterday and was immediately shown to include several features from the GALAXY S 4, however further digging revealed some clues in terms of fingerprint security. Basically, there was a handful of images found hidden in the SecSettings.apk. These images can be seen below and seem to suggest Samsung is working on something fingerprint related.


Speculation suggests that Samsung is working on a fingerprint security option that could be tied in with the home button. Sounds like a good place for something like this to arrive, however the real question would be why this was discovered in a leaked ROM that is for the Galaxy S III — a handset without a fingerprint scanning home button.

Anyway, Samsung is likely working, or at least testing something along these lines. More realistically though, we would imaging a feature like this to debut on one of the higher end devices like the Galaxy S or Galaxy Note line. And well, having just introduced the GALAXY S 4, the next option would be the Galaxy Note 3. So how about it, anyone interested in a fingerprint scanning Galaxy Note 3?

SOURCE: SamMobile