We saw T-Mobile begin rolling out a Galaxy S III update last week. That update was bringing the handset to Android 4.1.2 with new features to include multi-window, however it looks like that will not be the most recent Galaxy S III update for very long. A Galaxy S III update that is said to still be in the testing phase has recently leaked. This one is Android 4.2.2 with a build ID of JDQ39.

For now we haven’t heard anything from the carriers and instead this leak has reportedly come direct from Samsung. Assuming the testing phase goes will, this update is expected to come available in June. Of course, that will be initially available for unlocked handsets and carrier specific models will likely be waiting quite a bit longer. Putting the potential wait aside, lets discuss the features which look to include more than a few from the GALAXY S 4.

Android 4.2.2 build JDQ39 for the Galaxy S III should be getting goodies to include new screen modes, voice controls and an updated S-Voice. These are all GALAXY S 4 features with the new screen modes being Adapt Display and Professional Photo. The other GALAXY S 4 feature, the enhanced voice controls will allow the user to control their phone with their voice.

Galaxy S III users will also be getting the lockscreen from the GALAXY S 4. This will include support for multiple widgets, the Ripple and Light unlock effects and the ability to set a personal message as well as change the clock size. Aside from the GALAXY S 4 specific items, this update also adds a few other Jelly Bean goodies. The changelog points towards items to include Daydream as well as a new driving mode, actionable alerts, new additions in the Notification Center, the ability to run Samsung apps in full-screen and a new Smart Switch widget.

The gallery will also see some changes. In this case it looks like users will have the option to choose a white background. Finally, the remaining item here is an updated Settings app. This one will bring a tabbed interface to the settings and should be familiar for those who have used a GALAXY S 4. All said and done, it looks like Samsung has a decent update for the Galaxy S III in the works, not lets just hope the carriers will approve and release it without much in terms of a wait.

SOURCE: SamMobile



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