It never rains but it pours. After iLuv revealed its ArtStation Pro dock for the various Galaxy Tabs, I had a feeling we’d be seeing a few more model-specific docks coming out, and just today the Nook Color and Nook Tablet got the treatment via ReaderDock. Samsung itself has announced a new series of audio equipment, all of which will work out of the box with Galaxy S (and presumably Galaxy S II phones).

The different models break down as follows: the Samsung Audio Dock with Vacuum Tube Amplifier makes a big deal about its analog-style vacume tube in the preamp. This is designed to give sound that warm quality that audiophiles crave. The vacuum tube version is designated “DA-E750” (above). A cheaper model with more conventional sound dynamics christened the DA-E670 will include support for the Galaxy S, without the vacuum tube amp.

There’s no price or availability info to be had, but both items will be on display at Samsung’s CES booth next week. We’ll be sure to drop by and check them out when we get there. Oh, and a certain fruity phone will also work with the docks – in a fit of economically motivated ingenuity, Samsung has devised a docking system that will work with both the iPhones and its own line of phones and PMPs. If the PR and photos are anything to go by, these will probably cost a good bit more than either device.

[via Engadget]