before a few months ago, no one seemed interested in model-specific docks for anything more than the iPad, as far as tablets were concerned. But now more than 40% of tablets sold run Android, and a considerable number of those are inexpensive reader/tablet devices like Barnes & Noble’s Nook family. Soon there will be a new option for Nook Color and Nook Tablet owners as far as display and music playback is concerned, thanks to small accessory manufacturer ReaderDock. The NOOK Docking station will work with either device.

From the rather cropped looks we can get in the preview video, the NOOK Docking Station will use a basic sled mounted on a pair of speakers, which are likewise mounded on a small base. A special extended MicroUSB jack (specifically designed to match the tablets’ non-standard cables) extends from the bottom for charging. Since the Nook Color doesn’t have Bluetooth enabled by default and Android can’t send music through a standard charging port, the dock probably requires a standard audio cable to use the speakers. The main holder looks like it will rotate by at least ninety degrees.

You can see the short video presentation below:

We’re seeing a blossoming of Android accessories that go beyond the standard case and screen protector. The Galaxy Tab series will be getting its own speaker dock soon, thanks to iLuv. The as for the NOOK Docking Station, there’s no price just yet, but ReaderDock says it should be available sometime this month. If you’re interested, you can sign up for email alerts on their website.

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