Well, this is interesting: it would appear that Samsung is working on a new full HD smartphone for AT&T. Blog of Mobile has uncovered a new User Agent Profile for a phone with the model number “SGH-I337” hiding on Samsung’s website. The phone is headed to AT&T, and it could just be the carrier’s version of the highly anticipated Galaxy S IV.

Nothing about the Galaxy S IV has been confirmed yet, but many rumors have said that it will come with a full HD display. Of course, most any Samsung phone could have a full HD display, provided the company wanted to target it at the high-end market. The timing seems right though – this UAProf surfaces right around the time users have started expecting the reveal of the Galaxy S IV.

Unfortunately, we’re still not sure when that reveal is coming. We’re holding out hope for a reveal at MWC 2013, but that doesn’t seem very likely considering Samsung revealed the Galaxy S III at a separate event. With the amount of hype surrounding the Galaxy S IV, Samsung almost certainly wants to announce it at an event where it will have all the attention to itself.

We pointed this out over the weekend, but this development begs the question: when Galaxy S IV is revealed, does this mean that it’ll be coming to AT&T first? It could, but remember that Samsung launched the Galaxy S III at nearly all carriers at the same time, something it would probably want to do again with the Galaxy S IV. After all, Samsung will want to have the Galaxy S IV available everywhere at launch so it can net as many sales as quickly as possible.

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