Samsung is pulling out all of the stops this year with advertisements for their new GALAXY S 4 smartphone. We’ve already seen countless commercials during the NBA playoffs, neat stare down tests in Zurich, and now they’ve dropped a 5 minute short film musical for everyone to enjoy. It’s a bit on the cheesy side, to say the least, but it does highlight multiple key features.

Samsung has just released a little musical, and you might enjoy it. The short film is called “Hi Hey Hello” which is a song from a band called the Chicharones, and it has been directed by Grammy Award-winning director Joseph Khan. A quick Google search shows he’s worked with Britney Spears, Eminem, Snoop Dogg and even George Michaels – so he’s had his fair share of work.

Like we said, Samsung pulled out all the stops. Hired their own band, got an award-winning director, and went to town on a college campus all while highlighting all the GALAXY S 4’s signature features. Drama and dual-shot photo features and more were all included in this little musical. Get excited folks, then hit play below.

It’s a pretty good song, and one many have probably heard from the Chicharones before, but now you’ll probably always remember the GALAXY S 4 when you hear it. In the end the short film uses all of Samsung’s features all the way down to air gesture to attract and win over the heart of the pretty blonde woman. Well played my man, well played.

As the title suggested, there’s also a quick cameo in the film where Samsung shows off their newly announced brown version of the GS4, but that’s about it. If this short film didn’t sell you, maybe our GALAXY S 4 review will. Did you like the advertisement here from Samsung?