Once again Samsung is back showing off their impressive new flagship smartphone with some clever advertising, while also showing they have plenty of money to burn. Could you stare at the Samsung Galaxy S 4 for 60 minutes straight, non-stop, without looking away with tons of distractions and motorcycle crashes next to you? If so they’ll give you one free. The video is quite fun so take a peek below.

Swisscom and Samsung ran this little advertising campaign in Zurich Main Station last week and it received quite a bit of attention. Having a GALAXY S 4 stare down station where users could try their own 60 minutes straight stare test for a chance to win the smartphone absolutely free. Not only that but the longer you go, the bigger the discount for those looking to buy one.

The video is actually pretty amusing and shows Samsung has plenty of cash to have some fun. Could you stare at the smartphone for 60 minutes straight with hot dog vendors on fire, motorcycles driving past your side, and in some instances even crashing a few times? It’s safe to say Samsung cheated quite a bit, those jerks, but it’s still pretty fun to watch.

Using the new eye-tracking technology in Samsung’s GALAXY S 4, which they call smart-pause, they’re able to tell if users look away from the device or not. One quick glance and you lose, so better be careful. This same feature pauses video if you look away, will scroll down webpages as you reach the bottom, and much more as we detailed in our GALAXY S 4 Review.

I could handle this test. Nothing would distract me to get this new phone absolutely free. Oh, and this test would be a big hit here in Las Vegas. Let’s do it Samsung!