We all knew that the inevitable comparisons and mudslinging ads were coming when the Galaxy Tab 10.1 first surfaced. With the Tab 10.1 coming soon, the first mudslinging commercial from Samsung has landed pitting the tablet against the iPad 2. Samsung doesn’t say the tablet in some of the scenes in the commercial is the iPad 2, but we all recognize the iPad 2 and its smart cover when we see it. The commercial shows people watching others doing cool things with the Tab 10.1 and then buying one themselves.

I know that many iPad and iPad 2 owners still pine for Flash video support, which will likely never come officially. Whether or not simply having support for Flash is going to be enough to make the Tab 10.1 competitive with the iPad 2 in the minds of the average consumer remains to be seen. I doubt flash alone will do the deed for Samsung.

What the Tab 10.1 needs is a price that is considerably cheaper than the iPad 2 and then consumers will start taking a serious look at the tablet. If you like Samsung and are interested in the Tab 10.1 the commercial is worth a watch. People aren’t kind in the video comments though.



  1. Why does it need to be cheaper? SEGA consoles didn’t sell because they were more expensive its because of lack of a good advertising team and marketing. The tab is well worth 499 they just need displays in stores that look good. Xoom has a display at my local walmart its laying next to a bunch of ereaders with a little sticker saying Xoom 599 iPad is around the corner in a really good looking case by all the other apple gear. Now you tell me what people are going to look at more.

    • I agree. Android tablets are being marketed very poorly especially in stores. More often than not the display models aren’t even working in which case, they ought to be put behind a closed display like the iPad–if you can’t play with it then why have it out where people can touch it.

      • I’ve noticed the same. The Xoom when it came out was in Best Buy looking like it was a part of the register system in the back of the store. I passed by the thing multiple times until I had someone show me where it was.


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