Samsung Galaxy Note 10 PlayGalaxy Link B

There’s nothing much we know about the PlayGalaxy Link but it’s only now the new service is about to go public. The Galaxy Note 10 series features the gaming platform that we featured back in April. The South Korean tech giant was noted to have filed for a patent for the said service. Details are scarce but Samsung shared a quick hands-on video of the PlayGalaxy Link that is available with the Samsung Galaxy Note 10 series. Aside from the improved DeX, this PlayGalaxy Link is expected to bring PC game streaming to mobile.

When the Samsung Galaxy Note was announced, we learned about this Play Galaxy Link gaming service. We simply described it as a service that lets you install games on PC and stream those games to your Galaxy Note 10. One requirement is that the computer and the smartphone must be connected to the same network.

A quick hands-on video was shared by Samsung Mobile on YouTube. Watch the video below:

The presentation isn’t enough so we’re looking forward to doing our own hands-on and a comprehensive review. It’s an interesting feature because it brings the Samsung Galaxy line further into the gaming arena. Not that Samsung needs to prove that it can deliver a real gaming phone because its Galaxy phones are already powerful, game streaming is new territory.

This Play Galaxy Link gaming service may remind you of what Xbox has been working on. Remember the Xbox One game streaming? The idea is probably the same. One difference is the phone and the Xbox One don’t need to be connected to the same network.

It’s not clear if Samsung requires its own-branded computer to work with the Galaxy phone for streaming games. All we know is that a PlayGalaxy Link app must be installed on both devices and must be signed in into an account.