Apple Samsung Eco-friendly Cause

A couple of weeks ago, we shared with you the possibility that Android phone makers may follow the ‘no charger in the box’ plan of Apple. The reactions were mixed but most of them negative. While ‘going green’ is a good reason, not many are convinced. People still want their new phones to come with new chargers because of compatibility. With all the pros and cons presented, it will be up to any OEM to decide whether to still offer a charger or not.

Apple’s eco-friendly reason with the arrival of the iPhone 12 is valid. While some people within the Android community hate the idea, it’s actually something that Samsung may follow in the near future.

A few months ago, we said Samsung has plans of shipping future smartphone with chargers. If not chargers, Samsung may not include headphones.

Apple’s goal is to mainly reduce costs. It’s also strategic as not including chargers or accessories will force people to buy. The more buyers, the more it is going to get a bigger share of the wearables or wireless earphone market.

Samsung may follow this business plan and exclude the earphones and chargers. We know not many people will agree with this but Samsung and Apple mean business. The next flagship phones will be more premium with the addition of 5G so costs are higher. To keep them “still affordable” within the premium category, the earphones or chargers could be excluded. This way too, carbon emissions will be reduced.