Samsung Pay may have two of its greatest rivals (Apple Pay and Android Pay) in the mobile payment game but there’s no stopping the South Korean giant from improving its services not only in its native country but also Stateside. Competition is tough but there are certainly people who prefer Samsung Pay over Android Pay. It doesn’t directly compete with Apple Pay because Samsung Pay runs on Android Pay so technically, it’s just between the two.

Over the past months, Samsung Pay proved that it’s more than ready to take on the mobile payment game. It’s currently revving up its global expansion engines. The service is launching soon in the UK and is expected to expand in six more countries this 2016. In the United States, it’s expanding online shopping by adding more partners and support for more banks and MasterCard/Visa issuers aside from the 50 merchant gift cards already added to the system.

Samsung can also give credit to Square for rolling out contactless payment readers that accept both Samsung Pay and Android Pay. This time, you can add your Wells Fargo debit and credit cards to your Samsung Pay profile. This development is expected to attract more people to use Samsung Pay (or maybe even buy Samsung Pay-enabled devices first). That or more mobile payment transactions may be made because people can now link their Wells Fargo accounts. “Innovations like Samsung Pay further our commitment to giving our customers the ability to make payments anytime and anywhere, including from a mobile wallet,” says Wells Fargo head of Virtual Channels Jim Smith.

This news means that Samsung Pay is widely accepted and supported by most banks and payment networks in the country. It was only a matter of time before a major bank like Wells Fargo partnered with Samsung Pay. The mobile payment service is simple, safe, and accepted almost anywhere. Some of the top banking partners include American Express, Bank of America, Citibank, US Bank, and Chase,

SOURCE: Samsung