Square is one of those companies spearheading the movement towards contactless payments for small and neighborhood businesses. Just yesterday, they rolled out their new Square contactless reader to over 100 businesses in the United States so these brick-and-mortar shops can now accept contactless payments including ones through Android Pay and Samsung Pay, or even chip card and legacy swipe payments.


The movement to contactless payments is ever progressing – this is why Samsung, Apple, and Google are jumping on the technologies and setting up their own protocols. Admittedly, Square is pushing Apple Pay, as they are the leader of sorts in the US market. But their new contactless payments reader will also accept payments made via Android Pay and Samsung Pay. See the video below, and in concept, that can be done with Android Pay and Samsung Pay as well.


The Square reader is very compact and sets up easily with an app on your mobile device. You don’t even need a cash register anymore. Just pull out the reader and either have your customers do a tap-and-go payment, or dip their chip card into the reader itself. Older mag stripe credit cards are also supported via a mag stripe reader included with the Square device.


Expect this trend to push for huge market visibility starting this holiday period into 2016. As of today, the Square contactless payments reader can be found at Honey Butter Fried Chicken in Chicago, Philz Coffee in San Francisco, Sump Coffee in St. Louis, Cafe Grumpy in New York City, and all merchants in the Urbanspace Vanderbilt food hall in New York. You can order your Square reader via the source link below.


SOURCE: Square


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