Samsung Smartphone Flexible Display

The Samsung Galaxy X foldable phone is definitely in the works. No doubt the South Korean tech giant is preparing for its launch aside from the several Galaxy S10 variants. There’s also that idea of a Samsung bendable tablet that may hit production soon. The more recent information and speculations we’ve been hearing are not clear. We’re hoping to hear confirmation but the illustrations below may be enough. The idea is a flexible display wrapped around a device. We don’t think this is the Galaxy X but a different device.

The patent shows a flexible screen on a smartphone. The display appears to be around the whole mobile device, the front screen extends with curved edges up to the back.

The Samsung smartphone with a flexible display around the entire device looks something you’d want to hold in the future. The Galaxy X foldable phone may be exciting to use but a phone with a screen that extends to the back may be useful for some people as well.

The patent was from the WIPO (World Intellectual Property Office and NLO (Netherlands Patent Office), dated 17 October 2018. As described, it’s a “flexible display of electronic device and method for operating the same”.

The top edge appears to be narrow while we can see a wide forehead. The chin is small. We’re guessing the Edge Screen feature may also be utilized here.

VIA: LetsGoDigital