It seems like all smartphone manufacturers these days have to consider putting a dual camera setup at the back of their phones. Heck, even midrange and budget devices have dual cams. That’s not to say that they immediately deliver great photos – dual cameras do not automatically equal to great-looking pics. It takes a tandem of good hardware and great software – but this does not usually come cheap. Enter Samsung and their new ISOCELL Dual Software solution, which may be the answer for midrange and budget phone manufacturers.

Samsung is now offering a software + hardware solution to manufacturers who want to have dual camera setups in their midrange and budget phones. First up, the Korean gadget giant is offering its ISOCELL dual camera sensors – either a 13MP/5MP setup with the 5MP sensor doing all the depth sensing for bokeh shots, or dual 8MP sensors that will lean more towards low-light photography. And then Samsung will also bundle the software and algorithms you need for those.

The way the press release was written makes us think that you can only get the software which focuses either on bokeh (depth sensing/refocusing) shots or algorithms for low-light photography (LLS). If Samsung wants to push these solutions, you might start seeing these dual ISOCELL sensors in midrange and budget devices as soon as the latter half of this year.

We know what Samsung is trying to do – the company is trying to capture the dual sensor market for midrange and budget phones. It’s an interesting strategy to say the least, but it will only work if their sensors and algorithms really work.

SOURCE: Samsung