Samsung’s newest mystery phone has gotten a MAP price designation on Verizon’s website. MAP, standing for “minimum advertised price,” is a designation given to a phone when it’s ready to be advertised and the launch date is about to be set. The new phone, known as the SCH-i510, has been speculated to compete with the HTC Thunderbolt, and as such, is likely to go for around $250 with a two year contract from Verizon, or around $750 unsubsidized. But what do we know about this phantom phone?

Check out the specs … the SCH-i510 has the 4.3 inch Samsung Super AMOLED multi touch screen, 1Ghz single core processor, 8MP rear facing camera, and a paltry 1.3MP front facing camera. Oh, and it’ll run TouchWiz 3 as a skin. The Super AMOLED screen is always a crowd pleaser, but can a single core phone compete in what is rapidly becoming a dual core universe? Is the price worth it?

[via DroidLife]