It looks like Samsung is still not in the clear just yet with its Samsung Galaxy Note 7 troubles. Recently, the Korean gadget giant has received new complaints about charging and battery issues (that battery again) on the newer replacement Note 7 units. But more troubling is this recent news of a Chinese owner of a new model of the phablet experiencing the same battery-caused fire that was present in the older units.

On the hint that Apple might be launching a mediocre iPhone 7, Samsung had sped up the manufacturing process of the Samsung Galaxy Note 7 to bring it to market earlier than planned. Tech pundits say this is one of the biggest reasons why Samsung is now undergoing a massive global recall of its flagship phablet. They have been replacing old units with newer ones, supposedly safer with batteries coming from a different supplier. But the troubles are just not going away for now.

There have been complaints about overheating and the newer batteries quickly losing charge. Samsung says that they are now looking into these complaints. To add insult to serious injury, a Chinese Note 7 owner, 25-year-old Hui Renjie, said that he bought one of the new “safer” models. But the problem was that his Note 7 allegedly caught fire, causing minor injuries to two of his fingers and causing burn damage to his laptop.

“We are currently contacting the customer and will conduct a thorough examination of the device in question once we receive it,” Samsung said in an e-mailed statement. Samsung had reason to be optimistic at the start of the year, with the Galaxy S7 and S7 edge performing so well. But all of that is undone and more with the troubles of the Galaxy Note 7. We seriously hope 2017 will be better for Samsung.

SOURCE: Wall Street Journal | Bloomberg