Recent reports suggest that the Galaxy S5 refresh may not be all Samsung has in store for early next year. ET Times is citing sources who say that Samsung might just have a broad lineup of devices ready for us in the first half of 2014, though exactly which are not known.

With the interest surrounding their Galaxy Round device, we would like to see that released on a larger scale. Now that LG is widening the availability of their G Flex, Samsung’s claim as the “first” curved smartphone is in question. We know the Korean handset maker is working on a curved battery design for the Round, which could d be what has held up shipment to date.

We also expect to see simple refreshes of current devices, and perhaps a mid-cycle refresh for the Note series. While we’ve not seen such, a Note Active cold be interesting. We’ve also heard rumblings of a lower-end Note 3, which could be part of the plans.

There is also Samsug’s dedication to the mid-range market to consider. We could end up seeing a Moto G competitor from the Android powerhouse. Stateside, the mid-range market is heating up. Worldwide, the mid-range market is crucial to success.

Samsung is not one to leave us hanging much, so we expect to hear more as details are known. We will be at CES 2014, and will be sure to press Samsung for answers at that time. If anything, this proves that Samsung isn’t going anywhere, and plans to continue their reign at the top of Android’s massive heap.