Samsung has a lot on their plates. With the recent failings of HP’s WebOS many have speculated the possibilities of Samsung or even HTC buying up the failed OS by HP. We have seen plenty of reports regarding this exact situation and now with the Apple vs Samsung lawsuits and Google buying Motorola the time for Samsung to make a move might be closer than we think.

Over at they even went as far as to say “Samsung needs to hit the reset button.” With the Galaxy Tab 10.1 banned in Europe, Netherlands, parts of Australia and possibly more areas things are getting a bit dire for Samsung. Next on Apple’s sights is the U.S. market and they aim to seek injunctions against the entire Galaxy S and Tab arsenal from Samsung. If things were ugly before, they are only going to get worse.

Samsung is primarily a hardware manufacturer and they are great at it, but as far as software goes, they are a bit lacking. This is what many consider their weakest link and something that may ultimately cost them down the road. Getting software out isn’t nearly as easy for the company as the hardware aspect of things and small acquisitions like Steve Kondik wont help them in the long run.

According to rumors, Google’s recent move into the hardware side of things when they acquired Motorola Mobility seriously raises both the stakes and the concerns for Samsung, and they can no longer expect to reply on Android throughout the future. Recent reports out of South Korea suggest that Samsung had been dismissive of the government’s idea or suggestions of building a homegrown operating system – until the Google Motorola acquisition.

Is Samsung in a difficult position and need to rethink their strategy and plans for the future, or will Android remain open and fair following the Motorola deal? A potential purchase of their own OS to slim down their dependance on Android could be in Samsung’s future and may even be a top priority for Samsung but none of this has been remotely confirmed. Do you guys think the Google-Motorola acquisition will cause issues in the future for other manufacturers such as Samsung, HTC, and LG or is this all just speculation?