The issue about the Samsung Galaxy Note 5’s S-pen getting stuck shouldn’t be a problem because seriously people, you just need to put the stylus the right way. Before that, read the manual. Some information showed details on why putting the S-Pen wrong will damage the Note 5. It’s a simple case of not following the directions will have bad consequences.

The South Korean tech giant responded to this issue by suggesting people read the manual. That sounded sarcastic but Samsung heard the cries of the users and made a quick fix albeit quietly. The company already changed the packaging to remind consumers the proper way to insert the Galaxy Note 5. That’s just one because it seems Samsung has started to use different circuit boards from before. The idea was to use a detection mechanism that is safer.

Since there is still a high probability that people will insert the S-Pen the wrong way, Samsung has added a tab that allows the user to eject the S-Pen easily and safely. That external piece isn’t found on older Note 5’s. We’re guessing Samsung made the small update to ensure that people won’t have to worry about damaging their phones.

We’re not certain when this started so we can’t tell if the Galaxy Note 5 you’re getting has that kind of fix. So moving forward, just read the manual and follow the instructions. Don’t “accidentally” insert the S-Pen backwards.