Samsung’s brand new flagship Galaxy S III smartphone has been receiving its fair share of attention as of late. Being an all around amazing device it’s completely understandable. Yesterday they launched another TV commercial for the new smartphone, showing us yet again that the phone is “designed for humans” since apparently dogs use phones too.

Personally I think their tagline “designed for humans” is a bit goofy and off the wall, but maybe they just meant that it wasn’t designed for iSheep, but for humans — who knows. Their latest commercial does happen to show some impressive features that every owner, or “human” will enjoy. Things like Android Beam, taking tons of photos at weddings, and everything else we do and love with our smartphones.

What a heartfelt commercial right? It actually is quite a bit better than the first one, so I’ll give Sammy that. With Samsung’s Galaxy S III getting ready to launch in a huge way in a few weeks here in the US they’ll be ramping up the advertizing and marketing, so I have a feeling we’ll be seeing plenty more soon. At least they are actually showing capabilities of the device, instead of just having a crazy and chaotic commercial filled with actors and singers like The Darkness one they ran during the Super Bowl.

Do you guys like Samsung’s latest commercial?