We have yet to see anything official from Virgin Mobile, however it looks like they will soon be adding another Samsung handset to the lineup. This latest is the Samsung L500 and while the specs remain a mystery for the most part, the handset has been spotted with the FCC. This particular filing has the basics, as well as some additional goodies including images and a user manual.

We grabbed a few images of the handset, which can be seen here in the post. The Samsung L500 looks to be more of a basic device, but that could be a good thing given it is heading to Virgin Mobile. Basically, that seems to imply the carrier will be launching another reasonably priced handset — which for some, could be a plus. The users manual clearly has the Virgin Mobile branding, but otherwise, contains just the basics.

This is the item that we suspect many ignore when found in the box. Nonetheless, we skimmed the manual and were greeted with mention of a front and rear-facing camera and microSD card slot. The handset will have access to the Play Store and it will also have the Samsung Apps store as well. Otherwise, there was mention of WiFi and Bluetooth, but again, no specifics.


Looking at the images and we are seeing a device that, well, looks like your typical Galaxy branded handset. Given this filing has been discovered, it seems Virgin Mobile will likely be offering something official sooner rather than later. Aside from this Samsung phone, the carrier has recently added the ZTE Supreme and ZTE Awe as well as the water-friendly Reef.

VIA: phoneScoop