Samsung Kids Update One UI 4

Even if it’s one of the top mobile brands in the world today, Samsung has not forgotten the children of the world. The mobile business isn’t just about the adults who can afford the products. It’s also about kids who give the energy and the reason for us to live and hope for a better future. With kids having access to gadgets and different experiences especially today, it’s only right the South Korean tech giant also works on features and improvements the children may benefit from.

Samsung Kids is an effort to keep the kids safe from unwanted elements. Parents can rely on this special mode as the children can be protected from inappropriate content. Kids are also prevented from accessing important files. In a digital world where information can be limitless, kids’ access need to be controlled.

Samsung Kids is mainly a home launcher for the whole family. Kids are shown with age-appropriate content ands apps while parents are given peace of mind. The feature has just received One UI 4 update which means more improvements.

Previously known as Kids Mode, Samsung Kids can now be easily activated. You only need to access the Quick Panel. No need to download anything. This feature can also be turned on-off easily when unlocking the device.

Samsung teamed up with other companies to bring more content to the consumers. Customization has been improved as you can changed the color of the background and the apps. Parents can also edit the homescreen so the children can see the Recommended Content page right away.

More apps have been added to Samsung Kids. New apps include My Magic Voice voice modifier, Bobby’s Canvas drawing app, Crocro’s Adventure, My Browser, and Pettson’s Invention. Stronger parental controls are promised. Such help in monitoring activity and setting of weekly goals. Parents can also now view their kids’ phone usage habits, activities, and screen time.

Other improvements include AR features and partner apps showing up on the Recommended Content Page. You can also now view smartphone usage of the kids. New and friendlier Little Friends are also introduced.


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