Was the Samsung Galaxy Gear a massive failure? We’re not ready to completely close the book on it yet, but indications are that it has underperformed. Badly. Business Korea is reporting that cumulative sales have been less than 50,000, with only 800-900 being sold daily.

We should point out the report is citing the familiar — and suspect — “related industry sources”. Those “sources” also suggest the Galaxy Round has sold less than 10,000 devices, or less than 100 daily. The report does note that the Galaxy Round was meant as a test device, and isn’t finished hardware. The Galaxy Gear, however, was meant as a transcendent next generation device, according to those insiders.

Samsung’s smartwatch has been met with its share of criticism and rough press, too. Reviews were rightfully critical of the expensive device, which does very little for the price. A recent update added quite a bit of functionality, but those were just notifications; we still need to check our smartphones to read or reply to messages. It also has limited pairing ability, forcing those who may want it into a new smartphone they may not desire.

There was also the news that up to one-third of customers are returning the device. All tolled, we’re not ready to believe such low sales numbers for the Gear. That predisposed doubt might be because Samsung rarely sells little of anything, but could also be because the Gear — even with limited functionality — is very stylish. Samsung also has a retail presence to help customers better understand their new device, and a full compliment of colors to make it appear worthwhile.


This could all be cleared up with Samsung releasing sales numbers, but that’s not happening. Oddly, they’re unwilling to discuss the Gear’s sales figures, lending credence to all the rumors of failure. We never considered it a finished product, but if sales really were that low, we may not get a sec on generation of the Gear.



  1. Give these watches their own lines and not be tethered down to a phone in our pocket, then I would definitly be more intereseted.


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